Aviation or Plane Crashes in Jacksonville

Aircraft crashes can make it difficult for an aviation accident attorney to prove who is responsible for the crash because evidence is frequently destroyed in the impact and explosion. Every aspect of airplane accidents is devastating to victims and their families. If you or a family member has been involved in an aviation accident, Jacksonville personal injury lawyer Brett Hastings has the experience and resources to guide you through the process of a personal injury case and build a strong case against the individuals at fault for the crash. Mr. Hastings has a team of highly-skilled experts available to investigate the crash and find evidence and testimony to support your case regardless of crash conditions.

Death is more likely in airplane accidents or other aircraft crashes, but they are far less likely than crashes by any other mode of transportation. Of course, this is partially because aircraft fall from the sky when they crash. But if you or a loved one is involved in an aviation accident, an attorney like Brett Hastings can help you pursue compensation for injuries or loss. This won’t eliminate your pain and suffering, but it will reduce financial strain and allow you to recover from injuries or adjust to the loss of a loved one without sacrificing income or lifestyle.

Florida’s injury compensation laws are complicated and evidence of negligence, needed to prove someone is liable for your injuries or loss, is often destroyed in airplane accidents. Yet crash victims and their families need to receive compensation for their medical costs, loss of income or emotional struggle that results when negligence of a pilot, manufacturer or mechanic results in injury or death. An aviation accident attorney can guide you through Florida’s complicated compensation laws. Jacksonville personal injury lawyer Brett Hastings has the experience and resources to get the maximum value for your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Find out more about Mr. Hastings and how his team can help you on the About the Law Offices of Brett Hastings page of this web site.



Facts on Airplane Accidents from Your Aviation Accident Attorney

  • Leading cause of airplane accidents: Pilot error
  • A negligent pilot, his insurance company, and the aviation company he works for can be liable for injuries or wrongful deaths resulting from the pilot’s crash
  • Aircraft design error, defective aircraft parts & faulty maintenance can also be grounds for a wrongful death or injury compensation lawsuit.
  • Airplane crashes occur more often with small, private planes and personal aircraft than commercial planes.
  • Airplane accidents involving private planes and personal aircraft follow the same basic rules as car accidents when determining fault and liability
  • Small aircraft accidents are investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Government agencies and laws hold commercial airlines to a higher standard of safety than private aircraft because they are common carriers.
  • State and federal regulations can also make airlines liable for higher levels of compensation than owners of private aircraft.

Talk About Your Aircraft Crash Case with an Experienced Aviation Accident Attorney for Free

It won’t cost you a dime to discuss your aircraft crash-related personal injury or wrongful death case with aviation accident attorney Brett Hastings. As a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer, Mr. Hastings can tell you what your rights are and how your case is likely to proceed. There’s no cost or obligation to you: Schedule a free consultation with Brett Hastings, an aviation accident attorney.



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