Bicycle Accident Injury in Jacksonville

If you were struck by a car while on your bicycle, accident lawyer Brett Hastings says be careful what you do or say at the accident scene. An expert in Jacksonville personal injury cases involving a bike accident, attorney Brett Hastings knows cyclists tend to underestimate their injuries and over estimate how much they are at fault in an accident with a car or truck. Saying or doing the wrong thing can hurt the cyclist’s ability to be fully compensated for his or her injuries.

Cyclists are good at putting up with discomfort and pain. It helps them endure challenging biking conditions. But that high tolerance works against them when they underestimate injuries. Cyclists often say they’re OK when really they need serious medical attention. If you’re a cyclists who’s been hit by a car or truck, wait for police AND your bicycle accident lawyer to arrive on the scene before saying anything.

If you’ve had a bike accident, attorney Brett Hastings warns against assuming that you were at fault or that you contributed to the accident in some way. Florida cycling law puts the burden of care on motor vehicle drivers regardless of the cyclist’s actions. Even if a cyclist contributes to an accident, the driver may still be at fault in the eyes of the law. Always assume the vehicle driver is at fault and liable, and act accordingly.



Hire a Competent Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Review Your Case Before Deciding to File a Lawsuit

Never negotiate with the motorist who struck you or with their insurance company. Most likely you are not aware of the full extent of damage to your body and your bike. Negotiating with the motorist or their insurance company often leads to the cyclist compromising his or her ability to receive full compensation for their injuries.

Rather, insist on having your attorney present before making any statements or negotiating with anyone. Only an attorney with experience in Florida bicycle laws and the strategies of insurance companies can represent your interests effectively.

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