Defective Medical Product Liability

When a medical device endangers your life or causes you injury, Jacksonville product liability attorney Brett Hastings has the experience in fighting big corporation you need to win a product liability lawsuit against a large medical or pharmaceutical products company. Florida’s personal injury laws permit anyone harmed by a defective medical device to recover damages from the company that manufactured it.

However, liability cases involving medical products can get complicated and medical product companies hire huge law firms with extensive resources to defend them. So don’t settle for just any lawyer; you need an attorney like Brett Hastings who has experience wrenching multi-million-dollar injury awards out of international firms. Learn about Jacksonville product liability attorney Brett Hastings’ extensive experience with complex cases like corporate liability.



Defective Medical Product Injuries & How a Jacksonville Product Liability Attorney can Help

Every product manufacturer selling products in the United States has to make sure those products are safe to use. Companies who make medical devices are under even more stringent regulations because they directly impact a person’s health. Nonetheless, errors sometimes happen in the manufacturing process and the device fails to operate correctly. When this happens, the defective product can cause injury or even death to the person who is using the device or the person it is used on.

Medical products include any product or device that is used in medical procedures, to prolong or enhance life, or help a patient cope with a disability. They can include x-ray or MRI machines, pace makers and stents, artificial limbs and organs, defibrillators and respirators, or even a simple stethoscope.

Experiencing failure of a medical device can be frightening and traumatic. In some patients the fright or stress of the situation alone could endanger their lives if they are prone to heart attack or something similar. For this reason, federal and state personal injury laws permit victims of defective medical product to sue for more than just the financial costs of medical care. Victims may also be compensated for the mental trauma and suffering they experience, loss of income and quality of life, and other forms of damages. Punitive damages may also be in order if the company was particularly negligent. Your Jacksonville product liability attorney can help you determine what damages occurred or are expected to occur and how to file a product liability lawsuit against the company who made the defective product.

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