Defective Product Liability

If you’ve been injured or had your health jeopardized by a product in Florida or Jacksonville, product liability lawyer Brett Hastings says you have the right to sue the manufacturer of the product, force them to pay for your injuries, and even punish them for selling a defective product. An attorney with experience and reliable experts can help you calculate your personal injury damages and prove them in a court of law.

Defective products are usually the result of faulty design or faulty manufacturing caused by attempts to decrease costs and increase profits. Don’t let corporate greed get the better of you; you have the right to have the company at fault pay for your medical costs and other damages, including: compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, compensation for loss of abilities, attorney fees and more. A court may also award punitive damages as a way to punish the company for being particularly negligent.

However, cases of this sort can get complicated and manufacturers hire huge law firms to defend them. So don’t settle for just any lawyer; you need an attorney like Brett Hastings who has experience wrenching multi-million-dollar injury awards out of international firms. Click here to learn about Jacksonville product liability lawyer Brett Hastings’ extensive experience with complex cases like corporate liability.



Injury Liability for Defective Products-Jacksonville Product Liability Lawyer Explains

Every company that sells products in the United States is required to make sure those products are safe when used in the intended way. This includes all uses advertised for the product or implied through advertising. These companies are also required to make sure the products meet standard safety protocols, which vary by product type (i.e., power tools have different safety protocols than children’s toys). If a product causes someone bodily harm when used the way the product is intended and advertised to be used, it is considered a defective product and an attorney can sue the company that manufactured it for personal injury damages caused by the product.

Defective products can be defective in design, have a manufacturing defect or not have sufficient warnings on the packaging and instructional guides. Defective design could include mechanical malfunction, specifying inappropriate materials, failure to include safety devices and similar problems. Manufacturing defects could result from a production machine that is allowed to waiver out of designated parameters so that a part is shaped wrong, use of the wrong materials or other manufacturing problems. When it comes to safety warnings, product packaging must warn against all reasonable and foreseeable risks, including probable misuses of the product-like using a screwdriver to pry the lid off something.

All of these circumstances usually result from quality control failures and attempts to lower manufacturing costs and can be prevented when companies and their employees pay attention to what is going on. If you and your Jacksonville product liability lawyer can prove this was the case and it led to your injuries, the court will force the manufacturer to pay your personal injury damages and possibly a punitive fine as well.

When Companies are Not Liable for Their Products

Generally speaking, companies are not liable for damages caused by their products when the product was used inappropriately or in a way other than designed. If you remove the safety shield from your table saw and you cut off a finger, you have contributed to your injury. In such a case, you’re unlikely to receive the full value of your damages and possibly negate all recovery. A Jacksonville product liability lawyer can help you determine whether you contributed to your injuries and whether you are likely to receive compensation for damage.

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