Drunk Driving Accident in Jacksonville

If you’ve been injured in a Jacksonville car accident involving a drunk driver, your car accident attorney can help you get the drunk driver to pay for your medical costs and compensate you for wages lost while recovering from the injuries. According to automobile accident law, you can also get compensated for damage to your vehicle and for pain you suffer.

According to the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration, more than 400 car accident deaths involving a drunk driver occurred in 2008. About 77% of those accidents involved a severely impaired driver whose Blood Alcohol Concentration was more than 0.15%. In addition to being illegal, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a negligent act and makes the driver liable for damage and injuries caused in a crash. If a drunk driver injured you in a car accident, a Jacksonville car accident lawyer can help you get compensated for your expenses and suffering related to the accident.

If the the drunk driver who injured you is convicted of DUI you will be entitled to not only compensatory damages but also punitive damages. Attorney Brett hastings uses his background as a former DUI prosecutor to ensure that his clients who are injured by drunk drivers are not only compensated for their injuries but that drunk drivers are also punished civilly for their actions.



Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer Brett Hastings Puts Experts to Work for You

The car accident attorney you select to represent you in a drunk driving accident case should have the experience and resources to ensure the best results possible. Do you want all your medical bills paid or only a few? An attorney with experience and resources like Brett Hastings, who is a former prosecutor of DUI (driving under the influence) offenders and has a full team of experts and investigators at his fingertips, can secure the evidence and testimonies necessary to get you the best award possible.

Injuries from a drunk driving accident can result in pain, suffering and medical expenses for many years to come. Sometimes those injuries will last you the rest of your life. Hiring the wrong lawyer could lead to years of frustrating expenses and struggling to deal with your injuries. Jacksonville car accident lawyer Brett Hastings has handled accident injury cases since 1999, including many involving drunk drivers. He understands the future value of your injuries. Each case is handled personally by Mr. Hastings, not delegated to assistants and paralegals. Plus, every expert brought in to help with your case is someone Mr. Hastings and his firm has dealt with personally and found to be trustworthy and reliable.

Free Consultation About Your Drunk Driving-related Injury in a Jacksonville Car Accident

Florida’s automobile accident law gives drunk driving accident victims the right to sue for medical costs, damages and suffering. Car accident attorney Brett Hastings will be happy to talk with you about your case for free and help you determine whether a lawsuit will benefit you: Schedule a free consultation about your Jacksonville car accident with Brett Hastings.

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