Head Injury in Jacksonville

Florida car accident? Lawyer Brett Hastings warns not to be hasty in dismissing symptoms that could indicate a head injury. An expert in personal injury settlements and cases of brain injury, this attorney knows that head injuries can be devastating and result in long-term or permanent disabilities.

But they aren’t always easy to spot or diagnose because they aren’t always caused by incidents that leave visible signs of trauma. You don’t even need to hit your head or be hit by something for some head injuries to occur. Brain injury, for example, can be caused by sudden violent shaking of the head.



Dangers of a Head Injury in a Florida Car Accident-Lawyer Explains

The biggest danger of a head injury is brain injury, which can lead to permanent disability in many cases. If your head or brain injury was caused by the negligence, recklessness or maliciousness, you have the right to collect damages from the party responsible and make them pay for your medical care, loss of income, physical & emotional suffering, and other related damages. You can find more information about personal injury settlements and injuries related to head and brain injury from attorney Brett Hastings here: Additional Practice Areas of Florida car accident lawyer Brett Hastings, including Brain Injuries,Spinal Cord Injuries, Back Injuries, and Neck Injuries.

If you experience any of the following, be sure you get checked for head injuries by a medical professional:

  • Visible wounds on the head, such as lacerations, swelling, bruising, or bleeding
  • Dizziness, black out or loss of consciousness
  • Stiffness in your neck
  • Difficulty with simple body movements
  • Difficulty with speech or concentration
  • Trouble with balancing or coordination
  • Difficulty or inability to perform physical or mental functions you could do before the accident that can’t be explained by obvious injuries such as broken bones

Impact of a Head Injury and How Your Florida Car Accident Lawyer can Help

Head injuries can be traumatic not just to the victim but to the entire family. Medical costs alone can wreck havoc with the family finances. Additionally, family members have to rearrange their schedules and priorities to care for the victim and often cover for their usual tasks and responsibilities if they can no longer perform them. If the victim is the primary income-earner, other members of the family will have to go to work or work longer hours to replace that income. This can lead to a great deal of stress.

Some of these stressors can be relieved by personal injury settlements in a lawsuit against those responsible. If you win your case, you can receive financial compensation for the financial, physical and emotional damages you and your family suffered as a result of the injury. This can ensure you get the medical care you need and are able to heal without the stress of worrying about how to pay bills and expenses. In some cases, you may even receive compensation to hire someone to do tasks the victim is now unable to do, such as hire a maid to clean house.

Brett Hastings is an experienced Florida car accident lawyer who focuses on challenging medical cases like head and brain injury. He can help you get the medical care you need and help you pursue your insurance company to cover those medical and other expenses. If appropriate and relevant, he can also help you pursue personal injury settlements against anyone responsible for your injuries and their insurance companies. Having tried over 200 bench trials and 20 jury trials, Mr. Hastings has the experience, resources and persistence to do what it takes to get your life back on track and get you on the road to being healed.

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