Motorcycle Accident in Jacksonville

If you’ve been injured in a Jacksonville motorcycle accident, a lawyer with experience in motorcycle personal injury cases knows how to present your case to ensure you are awarded the compensation you’re entitled to. To win an award that will pay the full value of your injury costs in a motorcycle accident, attorneys in Florida must prove you were not negligent or at fault in any way. If the opposing attorney can prove you were responsible for the accident even partially, you can only be awarded a percentage of your damages equal to the amount you weren’t responsible for the accident. For example, if the court decides you were 35% responsible, then you can’t be awarded any more than 65% of your costs. So, if your medical bills and pain and suffering damages totaled $100,000, you could not recover more than $65,000.

Motorcycle accidents can be complicated in Jacksonville. A motorcycle accident lawyer like Brett Hastings has the experience and resources to gather the evidence and resources needed to prove you didn’t contribute to the accident, so that you’ll receive the largest portion of your award possible. When it comes to motorcycle personal injury claims, Mr. Hastings has more resources than most other motorcycle accident attorneys in Florida. His team of experts includes investigators and accident reconstructionists who can determine exactly what happened and explain how the defendant was negligent.

Sometimes it is difficult to prove the accident was not at least partially caused by the injured cyclist. This is largely because of the nature of motorcycles and a lack of laws protecting cyclists. Personal injury defendants commonly claim they didn’t see the motorcycle and that the cyclist didn’t take precautions to make themselves visible. It is also common to claim the cyclist was not driving safely in some way. These arguments can often be refuted with evidence found at the accident scene. But this evidence is difficult to find if not identified right away, so it’s important to contact Mr. Hastings as soon as you can after receiving initial treatment for your injuries. The sooner Mr. Hastings can get an investigator on the scene, the easier it will be to prove you weren’t at fault.



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