Slip/Fall Accident in Jacksonville

Slip and falls occur every day when an unsuspecting person slips and falls on a substance or otherwise slippery surface that was made slippery from the negligence of the owner or operator of the property they were on. The most common form of slip and fall occurs at public places such as restaurants and grocery stores and is the origin of the “wet floor” sign.

Although they seem minor, slip and falls can create permanent back, neck, hip, and leg injuries that could even require surgery from an orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, Jacksonville Florida slip and fall attorney Brett Hastings recommends you seek medical treatment directly after your accident to assess the damages.

If you or a family member have been injured in a slip and fall accident, attorney Brett Hastings can help you find compensation for your injuries or loss from both the owner and the operator of the property where you or they were harmed.



How a Slip and Fall Attorney in Florida Must Prove Liability

Personal injury lawyers have to prove several points to win compensation for slip and fall injuries. First, it must be proved the property owner or business had a legal responsibility for your safety. Usually property owners, by law, must remedy dangerous conditions on their property so visitors won’t easily be injured. This is particularly true of businesses, like retail stores, because they invite the public onto their property.

It must then be proved that the property owner or business did not live up to that responsibility. Your slip and fall attorney in Florida must show, through evidence and testimony, the property owner or business allowed a dangerous situation to exist on the property and didn’t take reasonable measures to prevent the accident.

Finally, it must be proved the property owner’s or business’ failure to remedy the dangerous situation or take reasonable measures to protect you resulted in your slip and fall and the consequential injuries. As mentioned above, this last step is why it’s important to get examined by a medical professional immediately after a fall or slip.

Personal injury lawyers also advise against making any statements to anyone about the severity of your injury. Especially do not say you weren’t injured until it’s confirmed by a medical professional. Slip and fall injuries sometimes don’t become painful for several hour or days later. Don’t jeopardize your right to compensation for injuries. Compensation can be won for medical costs, pain, suffering and any loss of income related to the injury. Brett Hastings, a slip and fall attorney in Florida, can guide you through the proper steps to make sure you receive the most compensation possible for your injuries.

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