Toxic Contamination or Pollution Cases

In Florida civil law, toxic contamination or pollution cases are also called “toxic torts.” These toxic torts occur when you or your family member become exposed to a chemical or pollutant or any kind, causing you or your family member’s injuries. In other words, you or your family member are poisoned by someone’s negligence.

Injuries from toxic contamination or pollution are incredibly broad, but can be as serious as traumatic, permanent brain injuries, such as in the case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. It is essential that you seek medical treatment after exposure to a toxic contamination or pollution, especially if you feel sick or dizzy.

These cases require scientific expertise to not only prove where the contamination came from, but also what chemical or pollutant caused the contamination to begin with and who is responsible for it.
Jacksonville Florida toxic contamination and pollution attorney Brett Hastings, through his experience in pollution cases, can help you pursue answers to the questions of contamination and compensation for your injuries and loss.

For more information, please see our Practice Area on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases.



Millions of Dollars in Medical Bills & Permanent Disability can Result from Florida Spinal Injury – Lawyer Brett Hastings can Help You Recover those Damages

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center reports that spinal cord injuries can cost $244,000 to $830,000 for the first year of medical treatment. After that treatment can cost $17,000 to $149,000 per year, depending how serious your injury is and the kind of treatment needed. Total lifetime costs for treatment range from $529,000 to over $3 million in some cases.

Additionally, disabilities from your spinal injury can cost you your employment-at least temporarily. NSCISC found that while 57.5% of spinal injury victims are employed prior to the accident that caused the injury, only 11.6% were employed a year after the accident. Only 35.4% were employed 20 years after the injury. This evidence suggests that spinal injuries have a strong chance of reducing or eliminating your ability to work and earn an income at least temporarily and possibly for the rest of your life. The agency also found that victims of spinal cord injuries have a reduced life expectancy and reduced chance of getting married or staying married.

Spinal injuries hurt every aspect of your life. Yet, more than 83% of spinal cord injuries are caused by incidents in which someone else may be at fault. The leading causes of spinal cord injuries are:

  • car accidents 41.3%,
  • violence 15%
  • Falls, including falls resulting from negligence of others, 27.3%.

If someone else is responsible for your spinal injury due to an act of negligence, recklessness or maliciousness, Florida law gives you the right to take the responsible parties to court and make them pay for the damages you’ve suffered. Damages they can be liable for include:

  • Costs for medical care and treatment
  • Loss of income, currently and in the future
  • Compensation for loss of quality of life and physical abilities
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering
  • Attorney fees
  • Other costs and damages associated with your injury

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