Truck, Trucking, Semi and 18-wheeler Accident Cases in Jacksonville

If you’re the victim of a traffic accident involving a semi-truck in Jacksonville, truck accident lawyer Brett Hastings has the experience and resources to make your case a success. Automotive accidents involving big rigs require an expert in car accident injury cases who knows what trucking records and data to subpoena in support of your personal injury case against a trucking company. They also often require an attorney with Mr. Hastings’ courtroom experience to get the facts out of witnesses in a trial.

Both state and federal laws regulate trucking, requiring companies and drivers to maintain logs and other documents. A few unscrupulous drivers and trucking companies try to hide or falsify records to hide infractions of trucking regulations. Some companies even coach their drivers on how to respond to police questions in an accident to cover up the company’s liability. As a Jacksonville truck accident lawyer, Mr. Hastings has experience obtaining the records needed and cutting through to the truth to ensure clients get the recompense and monetary award they are entitled to.

In 39% of automotive accidents involving semi-trucks, the main cause of the accident is the driver or truck, according to a report from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and National Center for Statistics and Analysis. That means that in nearly half of these accidents the driver is directly at fault and the company he or she works for is either directly (through maintenance of the truck) or indirectly (by hiring the driver) at fault. The report also revealed that information about these accidents is more accurate when investigated immediately on the scene. Scene-related evidence often dissipates over time and can be lost permanently if the investigation is delayed. This can include evidence that contradicts testimony from the driver, according to the report.

Forty tons of steel and cargo screaming down the highway at over 50 miles per hour can be an extremely destructive force. When the drivers and owners of these massive weapons don’t act responsibly and cause someone’s injury or death, it’s important that they are held liable for their actions.

This is why it’s important to call your attorney immediately when you’ve suffered a car accident injury involving a semi – the sooner your attorney’s investigator can get on the scene, the more evidence he will uncover and the easier it will be to prove that the driver’s or company’s negligence is responsible for your pain and suffering.



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